Author:   Ruth Calloway   /   Date:  13/09/2023

Ecostructure united leading research institutions spanning both sides of the Irish Sea, including Aberystwyth University, Bangor University, Swansea University in Wales, and University College Dublin and University College Cork in Ireland. This undertaking received partial funding from the EU’s INTERREG Ireland-Wales Cooperation Programme.

At its core, Ecostructure was a collaboration involving ecologists, engineers, oceanographers, and human geographers from these universities. It sought to foster eco-engineering’s utilization along the Irish Sea’s coastline. The project mapped existing coastal structures and gauged their ecological value, utilizing this knowledge to devise tools for predicting the ecological potential of proposed structures. Furthermore, the initiative designed novel nature-based eco-engineering interventions on an experimental scale, paving the way for their transition into commercially viable products.


Apart from pioneering research, Ecostructure also compiled existing evidence on coastal eco-engineering into an accessible compendium, streamlining access to information for end-users. Throughout the project, BlueCube staff engaged with developers, contractors, regulatory bodies, and coastal communities, effectively pinpointing key catalysts and potential obstacles to implementing eco-engineering practices across the Irish Sea’s coasts. This comprehensive effort underscores BlueCube’s commitment to driving innovation and sustainable coastal solutions.

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